25:40 love was thrilled to help the Stott family raise funds for their adoption through the sales of our products. Each purchase helped them move one step closer to bringing their little girl home from Uganda. The following is from a recent blog post by Karen Stott:

       The desire to adopt was born in my heart when I spent time working in Siberian orphanages when I was 17.  I couldn’t fathom this world of poverty that I had never known.  The famine.  The children sleeping in their own feces.  The drugs and lifestyle that was inevitable once they turned 15 and got kicked out.  My heart broke a million times over during that time, but I met Jesus there.  I felt Him so deep, and knew, right then, that adoption would be a part of my story.  And let’s be real, when I got home I asked my mom if I could adopt a 4 year old boy, at 17… she said no....But the seed was planted.   And God’s still not done growing it.

To find out more, visit Karen's blog at www.karenstottblog.com